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Important Biblical archaeologecal discovery in Jerusalem

One of the most dramatic miracles in the New Testament took place at a pool in Jerusalem. According to the Gospel of John, Jesus met a man blind since birth, rubbed his eyes with Jesus' own spittle and mud and told the man to wash in the “Pool of Siloam.” The man emerged from the pool cured. The Pool of Siloam, of Gospel fame, has now been found! It is huge, nearly square, approximately 270 feet on a side, with three sets of stairs on entering.

The pool was discovered by archaeologists while monitoring routine construction work on a sewer pipe in the oldest section of Jerusalem. The archaeologists were startled to see the steps of a first-century pool beginning to emerge.

The full story of this exciting discovery—including conclusive archaeological proof that the pool dates to the time of Jesus—is told in the September/October 2005 issue of Biblical Archaeology Review (BAR), complete with never-before-seen photos. This article is also available in PDF format to visitors to our Web site ( or Click here.

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