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Jesus is the reason for the season

December,24 2017

In Bethlehem, a baby boy was born
He had no cradle for His own,
Wise-men came and brought Him gifts,
The star shone bright while Jesus slept.

Mary watched her precious baby boy
She gently rocked Him in her arms,
Mary and Joseph gave thanks, that night,
A son was born to bring us light.

The Christ child brought peace to earth
We celebrate His joyful birth,
He came to save, He is a holy treasure,
He sends His love, beyond measure.

It is Christmas time we sing of peace
We celebrate our Lord's birthday,
Let us sing and shout to the great I am,
And stay close to the baby of Bethlehem.

Christmas is a time of love and sharing
To give Him thanks for He is Lord,
The Bethlehem star still shines today,
The world's greatest gift was born on the hay.

Therefore the Lord himself
shall give you a sign;
Behold, a virgin shall
conceive, and bear a son,
and shall call his name Immanuel. Isaiah 7:14

May Joy be your gift at Christmas
and may Faith, Hope and Love be your
treasures in the New Year!

Now when Jesus
was born in Bethlehem
of Judaea in the days of
Herod the king, behold,
there came wise men from
the east to Jerusalem,
Saying, Where is he that
is born King of the Jews?
for we have seen
his star in the east,
and are come to worship him
Matthew 2

sent His
Son to bring
us love, and may
that love be near to
fill your life with joy

May Joy
be your gift
at Christmas and
may Faith, Hope and
Love be your treasures
in the coming New Year

What Christmas Means
C- Stands for The Christ Child that was born in Bethlehem.
H- Is the Heavenly Father who sent His son for mortal man.
R- Means our Redemption plan, this Christ Child's birth did bring.
I- Is Intercession for our sins from Christ Our King.
S- Says the brightest Star that led the wise men on their way.
T- Stands for this Treasured babe God sent to us, that day.
M- Proclaims the Meaning that this Christ Child's birth conceived.
A - Means His Atonement, with Grace, that saves those who believe.
S- Is God's greatest Sacrifice, His son's life, for you and me

Christmas Gift
Christmas, every time we choose a gift
Would it be to remember the love
God chose to give
Through His own precious Son

While we quietly wrap, may we think
How He enfolded the world in that ve
When, only to die
He came from above

In the fastening with tape, could we ponder
How secure now we are
Held forever
In the love of His heart

By the tying of ribbon, might it remind how
Covered we are by His sacrifice
When spreading His arms wide
He gave us His life

Then, in the topping of the gift
With the prettiest bow
Our hearts would but overflow in thanks
For the love of the Savior we know

Jesus, the gift of all gifts
At Christmas and always God loves to give.


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