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Please keep the two abducted Archbishops
in your prayers as the Mother Church does

Both Archbishops were abducted
on Monday April 22, 2013

Syriac Orthodox Church News:

June,19 2015
His Holiness Patriarch Mor Ignatius Aphrem II presided over the Holy Synod of the Syriac Orthodox Church of Antioch at Mor Aphrem Monastery in Maarat Saidnaya. The Holy Synod was convened from 9 to 14 June 2015 to discuss some matters related to the church.

All Syriac Orthodox Archbishops participated in the opening session. A special chair was reserved for His Eminence Archbishop Mor Gregorius Youhanna Ibrahim.

June,16 2015
The Holy Synod which convened in June from 8-9 at Ma’arat Saidnaya and presided by His Holiness Patriarch Moran Mor Ignatius Aphrem II, chose June 15 to be the annual day of Sayfo. The Syriac Orthodox Church of Antioch will commemorate in remembrance the Martyrs of the Syriac Genocide on this day June 15.

His Holiness Patriarch Moran Mor Ignatius Aphrem II consecrated the altar of the Martyrs of Sayfo the Syriac G...More

June,15 2015
Don't doubt in the dark what God has shown you in the light.
No matter how hard you try, in a room that's completely dark, you'll never be able to see anything. Even if you know for sure that something is in the room, it's impossible to see it if the room is totally dark. You know it's there, but you just can't see it.

That's what faith is like. You may be absolutely confident that God lov...More

June,14 2015

قال الرب يسوع: «دعوا الأطفال يأتون إليَّ ولا تمنعوهم لأن لمثل هؤلاء ملكوت السموات» مت 19: 14

إن تناول القربان المقدس ضروري للخلاص في الحياة المسيحي وما قاله رب المجد القائل: «إن لم تأكلوا جسد ابن الإنسان وتشربوا دمه فليس لكم حياة فيكم» (يو 6: 53) قال أيضاً: «من لا يأكل جسد ابن الإنسان ويشرب دمه ليس له حياة فيه» (يو 6: 53) من هذا المنطل...More

May,31 2015

نجاحات الجيل الطالع
أيها الأبناء الاحباء
تناقلت وسائل الإتصالات الإجتماعية أخبار نجاحات أبناء وبنات أبرشية غربي الولايات المتحدة وإنهائهم دراساتهم الإبتدائية والمتوسطة والعليا (البكالوريا) والجامعية بمختلف إختصاصاتها، وكانت هذه النجاحات سبباً لإفتخارنا بطموحات هؤلاء الأبناء وسعيهم لي...More

May,27 2015

في ظهيرة يوم الأحد 24 أيار 2015 احتفل نيافة سيدنا المطران مار إقليميس أوكين قبلان راعي أبرشيتنا العامرة أبرشية غربي الولايات المتحدة، بالقداس الإلهي في كنيسة مار الياس يساعده الأب الخوري عبدالله السطاح كاهن كنيسة مار اليان في الفحيلة، حمص، والقس جان سيف كاهن الكنيسة، وخلال القداس قام نيافته بمناولة 39 طفلاً وطفلة من أبناء الكنيسة، الذين خض...More

May,26 2015
On Friday May 15, the St. Peter Syriac Orthodox Youth Organization organized an event commemorating the 100-year anniversary of the SAYFO Syriac people genocide. After a month of dedication and hard work, the members of the Youth were able to convey to the public the massacre of the Syriac people through a photo and children’s gallery, a reenactment of the slaughtering of families in the villages, and a church progra...More

May,22 2015
The White House
Office of the Press Secretary

- - - - - - -

On Memorial Day, the United States pauses to honor the fallen heroes who died in service to our Nation. With heavy hearts and a sense of profound gratitude, we mourn...More

May,22 2015
You need both blessings and difficulties, because one without the other is neither.
People who live in affluence for all of life (such as many people in North America and Western Europe) can easily become so accustomed to wealth, blessings, and prosperity that they can easily forget what blessings they actually have. However, if those possessions are taken away, those people will certainly look at l...More

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