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Please keep the two abducted Archbishops
in your prayers as the Mother Church does

Both Archbishops were abducted
on Monday April 22, 2013

Syriac Orthodox Church News:

August,3 2014
1932 – August 01, 2014
With submission to the will of God, with great sorrow, we announce the passing away of faithful Bshara Hasroun, on Friday August 01, 2014 in Burbank, California.

The late Bshara Hasroun, born in Fairuzeh, Syria 1932.

He is survived by his wife Tammam Sarkis, and his children Dr. Naim, Sati, Fairuz and Dohouk.

Funeral service will be held on Tuesday August 05, 2014, at...More

August,3 2014

ببالغ الأسف ننعي اليكم وفاة المؤمن بشاره حصرون الذي انتقل الى رحمته تعالى يوم الجمعة 1 آب 2014 في بربانك بولاية كاليفورنيا.
ستقام مراسم الجناز في كنيسة مار جرجس للسريان الأرثوذكس وذلك يوم الثلاثاء المصادف 5 آب 2014 الساعة 11:00 صباحاً على العنوان التالي:

St. George Church
925 Harding Ave.
San Fernando, CA 91340


July,31 2014

نظراً لاهتمام نيافة الحبر الجليل مار إقليميس أوجين بأمور رعايا الأبرشية والسهر على مصالحهم الإدارية والإجتماعية والروحية، يقوم بين فترة وأخرى في تفقد أحوالهم وبصورة خاصة الكنائس الفتية الحديثة التأسيس. ويشرف مباشرة على أوضاعهم ويوسِعُهم إرشاداتٍ روحية ويحاول تلبية احتياجاتهم.

وقد قام مؤخراً بزيارة رعية كنيسة مار بهنام في سكرمنتو وذلك بتأريخ 26 ...More

July,30 2014
On Sunday July 27, 2014, Sister (Dayroyto) Maryam Hikary passed away in Damascus aged 67 after a long struggle with sickness.
On Tuesday July 29, 2014, His Holiness Patriarch Mor Ignatius Aphrem II presided over the burial service in the Church of St. Jacob Baradeus Monastery in Atchaneh – Lebanon. The service was attended by a large number of clergy and faithful who offered prayers for the resting...More

July,30 2014

"Turn from evil and do good; seek peace and pursue it" Psalm 34: 14
"Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God"Matthew 5:9

People of all race, sex, and creed join together at Los Angeles Fed...More

July,30 2014
By his pastoral visit to St. Behnam, Sacramento, on Saturday 26, 2014, and St. Elias, Chico, congregations, on Sunday 27, 2014, His Eminence expressed his concern on the suffering body of Christ, our brothers and sisters in Iraq, where the last Christian has been expelled from Mosul. The light of religious freedom, along with the entire Christian presence, has been extinguished in the Bible’s “great city of Nineveh (...More

July,25 2014

بناء على توجيهات قداسة الحبر الأعظم مار اغناطيوس أفرام الثاني بطريرك أنطاكية وسائر المشرق والرئيس الأعلى للكنيسة السريانية الأورثودكسية في العالم في الرسالة الأبوية التي بعثها الى آباء المجمع المقدس والمؤرخة في 24 تموز 2014، بخصوص الاوضاع المأساوية التي وصل اليها المسيحيون في العراق وتشردهم في مناطق مختلفة من وطنهم، ونظراً لحرص قداسته وسهره على س...More

July,25 2014
Fox News - Car by car, family by family, frightened Iraqi Christians by the thousands fled their ancient Iraqi homeland over the weekend. With broken hearts and little more than the clothes on their backs, they’ve left behind their houses, businesses, and churches – everything they’ve known.

The Islamic State (ISIS) terror group announced through their mosques on Friday afternoon that local Christians must either ...More

July,25 2014
We received this news from St. Mary Malankara Syriac Orthodox Church.

The Prince Patriarch of Antioch and all the East and Supreme Head of the Universal Syrian Orthodox Church, Moran Mor Ignatius Aphrem II visited Los Angeles from July 2 to July 8, 2014. By the immense grace of God, St. Mary's Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Church in Los Angeles was blessed with an opportunity to host the High Priest during the Pontif...More

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